Due to suspension of production by a component maker and end of the warranty period, the old-model sequencers need to be upgraded1 to the current model if the machine becomes inoperable.
Related equipment may also need to be replaced, which may take a few months, including time needed for a new design, for recovery of operability.
During this period, you cannot use the molding machine. 
1: There are two kinds of upgrade.

1) Replacement of the sequencer: only the sequencer is replaced while the control system remains the same.

2) Replacement of the entire control system: the entire control system is replaced by the current MAC621 (touch panel) control system.

We therefore recommend customers perform scheduled maintenance to prevent failure.
This facilitates efficient designing, compared to the case of replacing a sequencer, because the current program data can be retrieved, unlike when a request is made after the machine is entirely disabled due to a failure.
This also minimizes downtime.
However, replacement of the entire control system unit requires about one week for the work.

Models: Applicable for all models that use the MAC-501, 550 controller and ES-1000 unit.

Lead time up to the replacement
Replacement of a sequencer: 1.5-2 months after order placement
Replacement of the entire control system unit: 3-5 months after order placement
* The lead time is subject to change. Please check in advance with us.