Product Information

Testing Machines

Using its long-accumulated hydraulic control know-how, Matsuda Seisakusho designs and manufactures each product according to the request of a customer.

An individually designed product

Matsuda designs and manufactures each product in accordance with its customized specifications.
Matsuda offers a comprehensive proposal to satisfy your requirements, spanning from the equipment body (the vibration part, thermostatic chamber, hydraulic unit, etc.) to the control and measurement parts.

Responding to need for ultra-large devices

Matsuda’s testing machines for seismic isolation rubber, that are used for bridges and buildings, have achieved vertical load up to 3,500 tons and horizontal load up to 1,000 tons, responding to needs of seismic isolation devices which have been revised to higher levels year by year.

Cost performance

Aren't you satisfied with specification of ready-made machines? Do you find the machines designed by major makers too expensive?
Please give us an inquiry. We are ready to help you.

Vibration endurance testing machine


Allows users to select temperature settings for the product’s vibration durability testing.

Allows users to select vibration frequency and amplitude.
Allows users to select temperature settings.

Machine specifications

Maximum vibrational exciting force ±10kN(Measurement accuracy1%)
Maximum amplitude ±50mm(Measurement accuracy1%)
Minimum amplitude  ±1.6mm
Maximum frequency 40Hz
Maximum speed ±1m/S
Maximum acceleration ±100m/S2
Temperature range -40~+230℃
Temperature accuracy ±1.0℃(At no load)
Temperature distribution ±3℃(Around the chamber300×300×300mm)
Test chamber inner dimensions 1,200×1,200×700mm

Large two-axle testing machines for seismic isolation rubber


For buildings and bridges
Testing machines for laminated seismic isolation rubber.

Vertical load up to 3,500 tons
Horizontal load up to 1,000 tons

Machine specifications

Board dimensions 2,000×2,000 mm
Board spacing 940 mm
Compression force 10,000 kN
Compression stroke 500 mm
Shearing force ±3,000 kN
Shearing stroke 500 mm
Slide stroke 2,500 mm