Product Information

Other molding machines

Matsuda Seisakusho can provide machines that best satisfy your needs from its rich product lineup, including large-sized or small-sized injection molding machines, vacuum presses, compression molding machines, and transfer molding machines.

Custom-made for better production

Matsuda responds to all kinds of customers’ requests –such as for higher clamping force, greater injection capacity, and special mold structure, which are not listed in catalogue models, and stricter internal safety standards, which ordinarily cannot be met by overseas makers.

History, starting with compression molding machines

Since development of Japan’s first hydraulic molding machine in 1927, Matsuda has continued its advance in developing compression molding machines, transfer molding machines, and injection molding machines.
Based on its accumulated know-how, Matsuda provides diverse molding machines to customers.

Dealing with automated systems

Matsuda also takes an active approach to labor saving, including use of simplified takeout devices that use orthogonal cylinders and fully-automated molding systems that use a multi-joint robot.

Vacuum press machine


Substantial drop in defects caused by air.
Can be used to disassemble complex molds.

Matsuda has manufactured numerous types, including side plate, vacuum pot, and multiple types.

Machine specifications

Clamping force 1,960kN (200ton)
Daylight 350 mm
Open/close stroke 350 mm
Heating platen diameter 500×500 mm
First-stage ejector stroke 400 mm
First-stage ejector reverse 75 ° 
Second-stage ejector stroke 280 mm
Hydraulic system Rotation control pump

Compression molding machine


High-precision, reliable, standard molding machine.

High precision, high durability and easy to use.
Matsuda has numerous product types, from 15 tons to 3,000 tons.

Machine specifications

Clamping force 1,470kN (150ton)
Daylight 550 mm
Open/close stroke 375 mm
Heating platen diameter 580×580 mm
Ejector protrusion 100 mm
Ejector stroke  200 mm
Hydraulic system Rotation control pump

Transfer molding machine


Suitable for low-pressure sealing molding and excellent in cost performance.

Lower orientation in filler than injection molding, enabling injection at low pressure.

Machine specifications

Clamping force 735kN (75ton)
Daylight 700 mm
Open/close stroke 350 mm
Heating platen diameter 500×400 mm
Ejector protrusion 100 mm
Ejector stroke  200 mm
Hydraulic system Rotation control pump

Large-sized injection molding machine


Large-capacity injection equipment
High precision, and high durability.

Japan’s top-class injection capacity of 30,000cm3at maximum
Matsuda’s injection equipment is excellent in terms of ease of maintenance.

Machine specifications

Clamping force 4,900kN (500ton)
Daylight 850 mm
Open/close stroke 500 mm
Heating platen diameter 1,200×800 mm
Injection capacity 12,000 cm3
Injection pressure 180 MPa
Hydraulic system Variable piston pump

Small-sized Injection Molding Machine


Suitable for ultra-compact, ultra-precision molding.

Can be used for molding of 10-50 tons and 31cm3 at minimum.
This machine is available for fully-automated single-cavity molding.

Machine specifications

Clamping force 502kN (50ton)
Daylight 275 mm
Open/close stroke 200 mm
Heating platen diameter 300×300 mm
Injection capacity 31 cm3
Injection pressure 213 MPa
Hydraulic system Variable piston pump
Machine dimensions W550×D1,638 mm
×H2,785 mm