Product Information

Vertical-type injection molding machine for rubber and for thermosetting plastics XJSeries

The low workbench makes it user-friendly and the model is excellent in cost performance, due to its energy efficiency and low space requirement.

Responding to customers’ requests, the XJ Series has a substantially lower workbench than Matsuda’s previous WJ2 Series, and has enhanced work efficiency and safety.
With additional features, such as space saving and reduction in power consumption, and incorporating functions of the previous model, Matsuda offers the XJ Series at reasonable prices, enabling you to realize excellent cost performance.

Feature 01

Low workbench height

The workbench height is 185 mm lower than that of the previous model, eliminating the need to set up another workbench and thereby boosting safety and work efficiency.

[Workbench height]
Previous model: 1,052mm → XJ: 867mm

Feature 02

Space saving

The substantially reduced machine dimensions enables maximum productivity in a limited factory floorspace.

[Total Height] Previous model: 4,567mm → XJ: 4,187mm
[Total Width] Previous model: 1,425mm → XJ: 1,100mm

Feature 03

High energy efficiency

The rotation control pump, featuring an inverter motor and the high effectiveness insulation plate, substantially reduces power consumption.
While actual power savings vary with molding conditions, power consumption is typically approximately 30% less than the previous model (WJ).

Feature 04

Quiet operating sound

The rotation control pump features reduced pump motor driving noise to help improve the factory work environment.

Feature 05

Reduced molding cycle time

The smooth functioning of the moving parts helps reduce the molding cycle time.

Feature 06

Improved distribution of molding stress

The CAE-based analysis of contact pressures on mold mating surfaces has contributed to optimizing the rigidity of each structural part.
Therefore, the latest model has more homogeneous pressure distribution than previous model. It contributes less flash and higher precision.

Product specification

100-ton model’s standard specifications 200-ton model’s standard specifications
Model VI-100P(XJ)-40/60SPR6 VI-200P(XJ)-40/70SPR2
Clamping force 980kN 1,960kN
Mold opening force 28kN 59kN
Daylight 550mm 600mm
Open/close stroke 350mm 400mm
Heating platen diameter 500×500mm 600×600mm
Mold slide stroke 500mm 600mm
Ejector protrusion 100mm 100mm
Ejector stroke  200mm 200mm
Ejector force 40kN 40kN
Work height 867mm 867mm
Injection capacity 1,100 cm3 1,500 cm3
Injection pressure 188MPa 188MPa
Screw diameter 40mm 40mm
Plunger diameter 60mm 70mm
Injection rate 102cm3/sec 139cm3/sec
Plasticizing ability (for reference) 38㎏/hr 38㎏/hr
Mold/heating platen heater 6kW×2zones 9kW×2zones
Hot oil circulator One unit One unit
Hydraulic oil volume 95L 145L
Hydraulic system Rotation control pump Rotation control pump