Product Information

Vertical-type vacuum injection molding machine for rubber VS3Series

The low workbench provides high work efficiency, energy efficiency, and saving in space.
Vacuum space around the mold substantially reduces the air-related defects.

Based on the XJ Series, which has achieved a high degree of perfection, the VS3 Series has inherited the same features: user-friendliness, energy efficiency, and saving of space.
The vacuum chamber, as standard installation, substantially reduces defects caused by air traps of molded products.

Feature 01

Reduction of defectives

Vacuuming the area around the mold substantially reduces molding defects caused by air traps.
* Allows vacuum molding with molds not specifically engineered for vacuum molding.

Feature 02

Low workbench height

The workbench height is 897 mm, which is 101 mm less than that of the previous model, eliminating the need to set up another workbench and thereby improving work safety.

Feature 03

Space saving

The reduced dimensions maximize productivity in limited factory floorspace.

Feature 04

High energy efficiency

The rotation control pump featuring an IPM motor and high-performance insulation plate substantially helps reduce power consumption.While actual power savings vary by molding conditions, power consumption is typically 30% less than that of the replaced model.

Feature 05

Reduced molding cycle time

The reduced space inside the vacuum chamber shortens the time required to achieve vacuum, thereby shortening the molding cycle time.

Feature 06

Improved maintenance efficiency

A larger vacuum chamber space enables opening up the machine, just like a vertical-type injection molding machine, substantially improving maintenance efficiency for wiring/piping work around the mold.The design also minimizes accumulations of rubber burrs that may cause machine problems, and makes it easier to clean the machine.

Product specification

200-ton model’s standard specifications
Model VI-200V(S3)-40/70SPR2
Clamping force 1,960kN
Mold opening force 59kN
Daylight 600mm
Open/close stroke 400mm
Minimum mold thickness 225mm
Maximum mold thickness 475mm
Maximum bottom mold thickness 300mm
Heating platen diameter 600×600mm
Mold slide stroke 850mm
Ejector protrusion 100mm
Ejector stroke  200mm
Ejector force 40kN
Work height 897mm
Injection capacity 1,500 cm3
Injection pressure 188MPa
Screw diameter 40mm
Plunger diameter 70mm
Injection rate 139cm3/sec
Plasticizing ability (for reference) 38㎏/hr
Mold/heating platen heater 9kW×2zones
Hot oil circulator One unit
Hydraulic oil volume 145L
Hydraulic system Rotation control pump