Company information

Purchasing information

Matsuda Seisakusho welcomes inquiries from prospective suppliers.

Basic policy

1.  Basic concept
Matsuda Seisakusho’s Purchasing Department procures parts, raw materials, and other materials, which are judged to be excellent in quality, pricing, delivery, and technology, and eco-friendly.

2.  Fair and impartial purchasing
Matsuda Seisakusho is fair and impartial in its purchasing activities and welcomes contact by prospective suppliers in Japan and overseas.

3.  Thorough compliance
Matsuda Seisakusho ensures thorough compliance in purchasing activities and thorough management of the information of its business partners, without disclosing it to any third party without their approval.

4.  Mutual development
Matsuda Seisakusho endeavors to establish and maintain relationships of trust with suppliers and strives for mutual development through business.

Procedures up to finalizing purchase agreement

1.  Request for new business relations
Please let us know the parts, raw materials, and other materials that you want to sell to us.

2.  Specification check
Upon receipt of your materials such as corporate brochure, catalogue and technical materials, and information exchange, we will determine whether your product will satisfy our requirements.

3.  Submission of a sample product
We receive your sample product with or without consideration.

4.  Evaluation of a sample product
We evaluate your sample product.

5.  Visit to your company
We visit your office and check your plant and quality management system.

6.  Purchase agreement
Upon approval of delivery terms by both companies, we make our decision and finalize the purchase agreement.

7.  Order placement
We place an order to you, based on the agreement.

Parts, raw materials and other materials that we want to purchase

1.  Steel materials
Rolled steel and carbon steel for general structures, alloy steel, pre-hardened steel, and steel tubes

2.  Cast iron
Spheroidal graphite cast iron and gray cast iron

3.  Hydraulic parts
Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, various valves, hydraulic auxiliaries, rubber hoses, joints, and hydraulic oil

4.  Packing
O rings, piston seals, scrapers, flat packing, and dust seals

5.  Machine element parts
Bearings, gears, linear guides, nuts and bolts, machine bushes, and couplings

6.  Pneumatic parts
Air cylinders, various valves, pneumatic auxiliaries, and air hoses

7.  Processed products
Machined products, welding can products, and sheet metal products

8.  Surface treatment
Quenching, galvanizing, nitriding treatment, and wear resistant treatment

9.  Electric parts
Sequencers, electromagnetic switches, relays, operation switches, terminal blocks, various sensors, transformers, heaters, and various cables

10.  Various equipment
Hot oil circulators, hot water circulators, and vacuum pumps

11.  Tools
Turning tools, chips, drills, and grindstones

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